Conflict Management: Learn How to Handle Conflict in Life

A human being looks for happiness in the worldly life and everything he does is with the intent to be happy. So why have conflicts taken such a stronghold everywhere?

To answer this question let’s take a look at an example on managing conflict. Say two people are sitting beside each other on a bench. The person on the right, will say that the other person is sitting to their left. And the person on the left, will say that the other person is sitting to their right. In this situation who is correct and who is incorrect? Both people are correct according to their viewpoint. We cannot say one is incorrect and the other is correct.

Similarly, conflicts arise because of difference of viewpoints. By not understanding the other person’s viewpoint you get pulled into a conflict. The person who wants to avoid the conflict is the one who will have to understand the other persons’ viewpoint. Once we realize that everyone is correct from their own viewpoint, then there remains nothing in this world worth having a conflict over!

When it comes to conflict management, there are many interpersonal techniques to remove the misunderstandings between colleagues, spouses, children and parents, etc. With these techniques, managing conflict becomes easy, irrespective of the people between whom conflict has arisen.

These conflict management techniques are shown by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a spiritual master, who has disclosed all the possible keys of conflict management, which are practically applicable to any relationship.

Learn how to handle conflict in your life with the spiritual knowledge below…

Life without Conflicts

If you can see your parents' circumstances, you will stop arguing with them and you can easily avoid conflicts with them.


Top Questions & Answers

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  3. Q. Words hurt children … so how to deal with children?

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  7. Q. What is the ultimate solution to conflict between man and woman?

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  8. Q. How conflicts can be resolved?

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  9. Q. How do I deal with difficult spouse?

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  19. Q. How dangerous is the Abuse of Power?

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  20. Q. Why to protect your subordinates?

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Spiritual Quotes

  1. What is the purpose of the human life? It is to free yourself completely from the bondage of rebirths. It is to become Absolute, the pure Self, but if you have not acquired the knowledge of the pure Self, then live your life for others.
  2. External conflicts lasts one life and Internal conflicts may last for hundreds of life times. They may even last for thousands of life times
  3. One is not to win the world, he has to win the home (family).
  4. If one's mind becomes conflict-free that is "moksha" (liberation), conflict filled mind that is worldly life.
  5. Your life should become free of conflicts. The home environment must be free from conflicts. Only then should one talk of liberation, not otherwise.
  6. True parents will tell their son he is walking down the wrong path of life, and upon telling him, the son will stop his wrongdoings. That is the definition of true parents.
  7. Parents tend to show so much affection towards their children that they become spoilt.
  8. No personality (prakruti) is a waste, but you have to discover what it is useful for. You do not have to keep saying, 'You do not know how to make this sweet. You do not know how to do this and how to do that.' But, instead discover what he knows.
  9. What are the signs of being enlightened? It is when everyone in the home does wrong and you turn it around and make it right.
  10. God has said that giving advice to anyone without being asked is egoism.


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