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How to Adjust Everywhere to attain Peace in Life

Here is a list of things, which people use to find peace in life:

And the list goes on…

What if there is one simple solution to find peace in your life forever? It is to learn 'How to Adjust Everywhere’.

Life is nothing but full of adjustments. You have to understand how to adjust everywhere. If you do not adjust anywhere then people will force you to adjust. So why don’t you adjust willingly? For instance, you must have used an umbrella when it started to rain suddenly. In such a situation, you never question, argue, or resist; right? Do you know why? This is because you know there is no point in doing so.

There is a common saying, "the only constant is change". But we fail to embrace change and try to swim against the tide thus wasting our finite energy.

These simple, yet highly effective technique on how to adjust everywhere can bring peace to you and those around you. Read on to know more… 

Adjustments in Life

If you don't adjust in your life, adjust with people willingly then people will make you adjust forcingly. You have to take maximum adjustment with your spouse as you are with her for 24 hours.


Top Questions & Answers

  1. Q. How to live a Peaceful Life

    A. Learning to adjust is a prerequisite for a peaceful life. According to Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, a... Read More

  2. Q. What are the different ways to make adjustments?

    A. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan coined the phrase, ‘Adjust Everywhere’. He has outlined numerous ways on... Read More

  3. Q. How to Adjust with your Spouse for a Successful Marriage

    A. Just accept these words: 'Adjust Everywhere!' Adjust! Adjust! Adjust! There should be no conflicts... Read More

  4. Q. ‘Adjust Everywhere’ for Peace of Mind

    A. Have you ever noticed that there are things in nature that adjust to their environment? Like the... Read More

  5. Q. How to have Peace at Home

    A. The very definition of ideal worldly life is ‘Adjustment’. The more you adjust, the more your... Read More

  6. Q. Why are making adjustments in life the simplest key to maintain a relationship?

    A. There are times when you are faced with situations where you are the one who has to adjust even... Read More

  7. Q. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s real life examples of different types of Adjustments

    A. When we see or hear about someone adjusting in different situations, then it gives us the vision of... Read More

Spiritual Quotes

  1. If you do not learn anything else in this worldly life it does not matter, but learning to adjust, is a necessity.
  2. You will sail through all difficulties in life if you adjust to anyone who fails to adjust with you. A person who knows how to adjust with others does not suffer. Adjust everywhere.
  3. Life is changing constantly. Therefore, one has to adjust to these changes.
  4. Adjustment with each and every person is the highest religion.
  5. You must make adjustments according to the times you live in.
  6. If you have learnt the art of adjustment, you have found the path to eternal bliss.
  7. The more your adjust, the more your energies will increase and your weaknesses will diminish.
  8. You can only adjust if you correct your mistakes.
  9. To live an ideal life is to adjust everywhere.
  10. Without understanding the art of worldly interaction, liberation is not possible for anyone. No amount of knowledge of the Soul alone will help because the world has to let you go.

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