Suicide Prevention

If someone holds your nose, what do you do? You do not give up trying to breathe, you find a way even if you have to struggle. In this way, when you experience inner suffering you should not stay silent and give up, you should take some action and try to find a path to happiness.

Life is like a see-saw. It moves between happiness and unhappiness. When you give too much importance to one thing, then your life becomes about just achieving that. If you are unable to achieve it, then you burn in your internal turmoil thus forgetting the value of your precious life. In reality, hurdles come and go in life to make you stronger.

Param Pujya Dadashri used to tell everyone that, “Whenever suicidal thoughts hover over your mind, think of me and come to me. Do not attempt to take your life, no matter how much you are suffering. Endure it as the consequences of committing suicide are grave.”

If someone does want to commit suicide and they come to Pujya Deepakbhai, He would explain the kind of causes an act of suicide creates and the severe after-life consequences of suicide. This revelation will change their minds and their inner tendencies towards suicide would cease.

Don’t wait! Come and meet Pujya Deepakbhai and save your own or someone else’s life through this suicide prevention helpline.

Consequences of Suicide

Do you know what are the consequences of committing a suicide? If someone is passing through the phase of depression or if the suicidal thoughts arises. How to come out of it ? or For supporting someone to come out of it? Lets take a look.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. Therefore do not allow any negative impressions or inner intents to take place. Run away from such impressions.
  2. When natural and spontaneous thoughts cease, negative thoughts begin. He becomes immersed in complete internal darkness and is not able to 'see' anything.
  3. Do not attempt to take your life, no matter how much you are suffering. Endure it.
  4. The root cause of suicide is that in one of his past lives he had committed suicide, the effects of that act is carried forward through seven more lives.
  5. Udvega means the rising of motion leading to extreme emotional reactions in one's mind and then one tries to commit suicide.

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