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Exhibiting Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Development

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan had a keen desire to be independent and loathed the idea of having an authoritative figure over him. To Him, any form of employment meant that He would have a boss who could fire Him at whim. One day He overheard His father and elder brother talking about their plans to make Him a Collector like one of their relatives. That meant working under a Commissioner. He thought, 'We attain this human life with great difficulty so what would be the point if I were to acquire a superior. When I do not want any material things, why should I put up with someone who could boss me around? It may be acceptable to those who desire a materialistic lifestyle, but that was not for me. I would rather own a small paan (beetle leaf) shop than be censured under any circumstances.' Thus, Param Pujya Dadashri decided to fail His matriculation exams so that His brother and father would stop entertaining the idea of making him a Collector.

Dada Bhagwan

Always in pursuit of spiritual bliss, He never found happiness in what people conventionally construed as happiness. He was never dictated by social norms, and He acted contrary to what others did. His spiritual development was such that He was never enticed by wealth, and because of this He ran his civil contracting business with integrity and ethics. When asked about other contractors using inferior quality raw materials, He used to say, "We may starve, but we will never compromise on the quality of cement and steel in building construction. Cement and steel in a building are like what blood and bones are to the body!" His thinking and behavior demonstrate that He possessed spiritual wisdom even before Self Realization.

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