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Today if a person tries to do business honestly, his business Incurs a loss, why is that?

Questioner : Today if a person tries to do business honestly, his business  Incurs a loss, why is that?

Dadashri: When you do your work honestly you will have to face only one difficulty, but when you work dishonestly then you will have to face two difficulties. You will be able to break free of the difficulty you have to face because of your honesty, but it will be very hard to become free from difficulties resulting from your dishonesty. Honesty is the biggest license (of approval) from God and no one will be able to harass that person. Are you having thoughts about destroying that license?

Why Delight and Sorrow In Profit and Loss?

If you do business with honesty, your profits will be 66,616 and if you do it with dishonesty it will be 66,616. Which would you chose?

I have a big business but whenever our business receives an official letter from the government, it is on the business, it is not on my head, because I associate both profit and loss to the business. I take home only the amount of money that I would make as a salaried employee. The remaining profit stays in the business account and so do the losses.

There is nothing to be gained in having anxieties about money. If you breathe a sigh of relief when you have some savings in the bank, then you will experience sorrow when that money goes away. There is nothing in this world worth depending upon, because everything is temporary.

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