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Be Aware of the Dangers in Business but Be Fearless.

Dadashri: Every business has gains and losses associated with it. If there are a lot of mosquitoes in your room, they will not let you sleep. But, you would not be able to sleep even if there were only one or two. Therefore, you can say out loud, "Oh world of mosquitoes! Merely two mosquitoes will not let me sleep, so why don't the rest of you come also?" These profits and losses are like the mosquitoes.

What is the law? Avoid entering the depths of the ocean of business if possible. If you do, then do not be afraid. God is with you as long as you remain fearless. If you become afraid, God will say, "Go to Ohliya!" (muslim sage) or find a Guru. There is no difference between a racecourse and a fabric store, as far as God is concerned. But if you want liberation, then it is better that you come out of this worldly ocean.

Do you know how I run my business? Before I set the ship of my business in the waters, I perform all the necessary religious rituals and then I whisper in the steamer's ear, "You may sink whenever you want to but that is not my wish." Then whether the steamer sinks after six months or after two years, I adjust to the situation and tell myself, 'At least it lasted six months.' Palaces of desires will not fail to bring disappointment. It is very difficult to remain detached in this worldly life, but you are able to do so because of the knowledge and the intellectual methods that I give to you.

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