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We have lot of money but no peace at home?

Questioner : Does the quarreling have anything to do with the kind of money people have?

Dadashri:  That is the very cause. If the money is pure, the mind will always remain pure. The wealth that has entered the home has been acquired through dishonest means and that is why it creates quarrels. That is why I had decided from a very young age that if possible, I did not want any illicit money entering my home and if it did under certain circumstances, then it should be left in the business and should not enter the home at all. It has been sixty-six years and not a single penny of illicit money, has entered my home and never has a conflict arisen in the home. From the very beginning, we had decided that we would run the household within a certain budget. The business may make a profit of thousands of rupees but how much money would A. M. Patel make if he were to work for someone else? At the most, he would earn six hundred to seven hundred rupees a month. Success in business depends on the merit karma. Our spending was limited to the amount of salary I would have earned as an employee and the rest of the money was left in the business. If the income tax office were to write to the business asking for money, I would just have to instruct them to pay off the debt from the money retained in the business. One can never tell what kind of an attack may come. Now if the money had all been spent, then an attack from the income tax office, will lead to a heart attack! Have we not seen these attacks come to people? How can you call this a life? What do you think? Do you think it is a mistake or not? This is the mistake that you have to destroy.

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