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I have a lot of worries about my business. How to stop worrying?

Questioner : I have a lot of worries about my business. I am faced with a lot of difficulties.

Dadashri: Understand this much. Understand that the moment you start to have worries, your work is going to be ruined. If you do not worry a lot, then your work will not be ruined. Worries are obstructions towards any work or business. Worries will bring death to a business. The nature of a business is that it increases and decreases; it becomes full and then it empties. Discharge is inevitable after a charge in the relative realm. In all this, that is filling and emptying, nothing hurts or affects that which is your own, the Self. This is exact.

Are your wife, and children, your son and his wife, partners in your business?

Questioner : They help share in my happiness and my sorrow.

Dadashri : You are the guardian of your wife and your children. Why should the guardian be the only one to worry? Your family members tell you not to worry, and yet you do.

Questioner : What is the nature of worries? The worries are not present when we are born, so where do they come from?

Dadashri : As your intellect increases, so does your internal suffering. When a child is born, does he have intellect? It is necessary for you to think about your business for ten to fifteen minutes, but if you go beyond this, then you will be bombarded with thought after thought and that is going beyond normality. When that happens, you must let go. Thoughts about your business are inevitable but if you become engrossed with the thoughts, they will linger on, leading to worries, and such adverse meditation is very detrimental for you.

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