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Words hurt children … so how to deal with children?

Dadashri: In the current times, there is nothing better than speaking as little as possible. Today the words that come out hurt people like rocks. This goes for everyone, therefore it is better to say as little as possible. It is not worth saying or telling anyone, anything. On the contrary, you make things worse by your words. If you tell someone not to be late for the train, he will end up being late and if you do not say a word, he will be on time. Everything works fine if you remain silent. Your words are nothing but ego. Children will start to improve from the day you stop nagging them. The words you utter are not helpful and that is why they become agitated. Children do not accept your words and that is why your words bounce back. You should carry out your duties of providing food and shelter for your children and fulfill all your obligations; nothing else is worth doing or saying. Do you understand that you will not gain anything by telling them anything? The children are grown up now. Are they likely to fall down the stairs now? Why are you neglecting your own spiritual welfare? Your duty towards children is a relative duty. It is not worth interfering in it. Instead of bickering, it is better if you just remain silent. You ruin your mind and the minds of others by bickering.

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