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Why to protect your subordinates?

People criticize and attack their subordinates. You fools! Why don't you attack your boss? That is where your victory counts! Such are the interactions of the world. The Lord has said, "Protect those who are under you." Those who have followed this principle have become Gods. I used to do this from my very childhood.

If a servant were to drop the tray of teacups, his boss will yell at him, "What's wrong with you? Are your hands broken? Can't you see?" That poor man is just a servant. In reality, the servant does not break anything; a wrong belief makes it appear that way. The breaker of the cups is someone else. When the innocent servant is accused of being the culprit, he will somehow get even, in some other life.

Questioner : So who is it that breaks the cups?

Dadashri: I disclose everything when I give Gnan. Who breaks the glasses? Who runs the world? I will solve all those puzzles for you, at that time. What should you do in a situation like that? In the absence of having the right knowledge, what should you do? The servants are sincere; they will not break anything deliberately.

Questioner : No matter how sincere he is, if the cups break at his hands, is he not indirectly responsible?

Dadashri : Yes, he is responsible, but you should know the extent of his responsibility. First, you should ask him, "Are you all right? You did not get burnt, did you?" If he is scalded, you should apply some ointment on his burn. Later quietly tell him that from now on he should be careful.

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