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What is the ultimate solution to conflict between man and woman?

Dadashri: Man has to marry for his food! He may think to himself, 'I am the bread winner,' but who will do the cooking? The woman knows that although she knows how to cook, she wonders who is going bring home the money. This is how the two get married and organize a company. After that, there will even be children. Once the seed of a squash is planted, will it not naturally give rise to many squashes? A squash will grow at every leaf of the vine. This is the same with humans except that the squash does not say, "These are all my offspring." Only humans claim, "These are my children."

The humans are considered to be unprotected and destitute, because of their dependency on the intellect. No other living entity is dependent upon the intellect and therefore they are all protected and sheltered. Those who have protection can never be unhappy. Only the human species experiences unhappiness. This constitutes misuse of the intellect.

Man runs around in vain chasing illusionary happiness and when his wife turns against him, he realizes that this worldly life is not meant for enjoyment or indulging in. Yet, he forgets this fact again the very next moment! Because of this illusion he takes such a beating, it renders him completely oblivious to the reality.

Man remembers God when his wife is sulking and will not speak with him, but once she starts talking to him, he is ready to put God and everything else aside. What suffocation! Do you think your suffering is going to end this way? Do you think your unhappiness will cease by you spending a few moments with God? Your internal torment is abated for the duration you are with God but otherwise the furnace within continues to burn! The fire is constantly burning, without a moment's relief. Unless and until you acquire the knowledge of your Self, until you have realization of, 'My real nature is pure Soul,' this fire will burn relentlessly. Even when your daughter is getting married, there is suffering within. It is constantly there. What is the meaning of this worldly life? It is nothing but entanglements of suffering. This body also that has taken hold of you is also an  entanglement. Can anyone ever have fondness for  entanglements? It is a wonder indeed that people have fascination and fondness for the worldly life! There is a difference between the fishing net and the worldly net. An escape from the fishing net is possible if one can cut the net, but there is no escape whatsoever from this worldly net, except upon death.

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