Questioner: How should one worship or pray in temple?


Dadashri: Go to the temple of the Lord and say, "Dear Lord, You reside within me, but because I have not yet become acquainted with You, I am doing Your darshan here. The Gnani Purush, Dada Bhagwan has taught me this method and I am doing Your darshan according to his instructions. Please bestow Your grace upon me so that I may realize my true Self." Do your darshan in this way wherever you go, whichever temple you visit. From the relative perspective, all the Gods have been given different names, but in reality they are all one.

No one has religious thoughts on the way to the temple, they think about their shopping instead! Many people have a habit of going to the temple everyday. Because you have such a habit, is this why you are doing the darshan (worship)? Everyday the darshan of the Lord should feel new and your enthusiasm and joy of going there should be fresh.

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