Live A Happy Married Life by Resolving Conflicts in Marriage

Why do people get married? They do so because they are in search of life-long companionship, through which they can fill their life with love and happiness.

However, in order to live a happy married life, it is essential to accept your spouse the way they are. Everyone has different beliefs, thinking patterns, opinions, and viewpoints. So it is natural that no two people think alike. Hence, we can say that marriage is a merger of two separate sets of beliefs and mindsets. Due to these unlike mindsets, a couple tends to differ in terms of the way they deal with different matters in life. These differences create conflict in marriage, thus resulting in an unhappy marriage.

Despite these differences, is it possible to live a happy married life? How can you solve marriage problems and maintain marital harmony? Should you point out your spouse’s mistakes? Or is silence the solution?

Param Pujya Dadashri has answered these questions and revealed how to make a marriage work by giving practical marriage advice for resolving any kind of conflict in marriage. Using His tips of how to make a marriage work, He never had any marital discord with His wife.

He has shared the same successful marriage tips, and simple solutions, which help avoid marital discord and allow you to learn how to save your marriage and thus avoid divorce. He has also unfolded the path of Akram Vignan through which a person can experience permanent bliss and happiness while living a married life.

To find detailed solutions on how to live a happy married life as well as obtain marriage tips, read below:

Husband - Wife Conflicts

A husband and wife should have minimum expectations from each other if they want to be happy. It is our own anger, pride, deceit and greed that is giving us problem, and not the other person. If the affection is replaced with love, the conflict will resolve.

Spiritual Quotes on Happy Married Life

  1. Where there are no opinions, there is no scope for conflict.
  2. The words, 'husband' and 'wife' are filled with intense infatuation and attachment, but that attachment becomes weaker when you use the word 'companion'.
  3. Human nature is such that wherever there is excessive love (love with attachment and expectations and conditional love), there exists an undercurrent of abhorrence and repulsion.
  4. If you create misery for anyone, you will get the same dose back. An hour's worth of misery given to others will result in a lifetime of pain for you.
  5. With your wife, you have a partnership, not an ownership.
  6. What should a husband be like? He should never let any difficulties befall upon his wife or his children. And what should the wife be like? Such, that she never causes problems for him.
  7. Quarrels in the home affect the growing minds of children. Homes that are free of quarrels will have healthy children with emotional maturity. Otherwise a lot of problems will ensure for these children in the future.
  8. Anyone, who indulges in forbidden sexual relationships, will have to endure tremendous physical and mental suffering.
  9. If you remain sincere to your spouse, then the benefits you reap from doing so, will be equivalent to the benefits one received when practising the level of celibacy (no sex at all) required during the time of the Tirthankars (The Absolute and Fully Enlightened Lords).
  10. A Gnani Purush shows you a way to escape the net of the world. He shows you the path to moksh (liberation) and puts you on that track so that you feel that you have been liberated from the problems of external forces forever.

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