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What is the importance of 'True Intent' in resolving conflicts?

Questioner : What should we do when we know that despite our efforts to compromise to reach a settlement with the other person, the outcome is going to be bad?

Dadashri: The outcome may be anything. All you have to do is to have the intent to resolve conflicts with that person. Make a decision to settle with equanimity without worrying whether you will be successful or not. Sooner or later, it will happen; if not today, then tomorrow or the day after; it may even take several years depending on how sticky your karmic account is. The relationships that you have with your wife, children and parents are very sticky and therefore they take longer to settle with equanimity. With those who are always close by or who are always with you, things will resolve slowly and gradually. Once you have decided that you want to settle all accounts with equanimity, it will happen, and there will come an end to it all. You have to maintain extreme awareness when dealing with those, with whom you have very sticky karmic accounts. No matter how small a snake is, you must proceed with caution, maintain awareness. If you become careless and inattentive, you will not be successful in resolving these matters. If the other person says something to you and you happen to retort, your external response is of no significance, because your inner intent now is that you want to settle matters with equanimity, and therefore abhorrence no longer exists. Speech belongs to the body and hatred exists because it is supported by your ego. But, if you decide that you want to settle everything with equanimity, then you will succeed for sure; this way all karmic debts will be cleared. If today you are not able to pay him, you will be able to pay him tomorrow or some time  in the future. However, your creditors will eventually collect from you.

After people pay off their karmic debts, upon death, nature strips them of all their worldly possessions. One way or another, debts incurred in the previous life get paid off in this life, but new debts created during this life, remain outstanding for payment in the next life. Now, after having acquired Gnan you will not bind any new debts and the old ones will be paid off. Once paid off, you will depart, but if anything remains pending, you will have to spend a few more days clearing it up. The karmic debt for this life is paid off through your current body and the conflicts and mistakes that you make in this life, will be carried forward to the next life, where you will start all over again.

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