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Why Life is Unfair? God is just or unjust…

Are you looking for justice?

No doubt, such incidents have occurred in your life, where you seek justice. In those situations the questions arise, ‘Why life is unfair?’, ‘God is just or unjust’, ‘Why injustice?’, Why did it happen to me?', 'I work very hard, why don't I achieve success?' When these questions arise, you unknowingly claim that God is the doer and creator.

Param Pujya Dadashri discovered that, “In reality, God is not the creator of this world at all. This is all Scientific Circumstantial Evidence. Therefore, all of this is a natural creation.” Nature has never, even for a moment, been unjust to any living being. Nature is like a bank, where you deposit and withdraw from your life’s account. The principle of justice say that, you receive the fruits of the debits and credits you accumulated in your past life

According to the law of nature, things unravel in the same way in which they had been woven. Param Pujya Dadashri has imparted his knowledge with us that in reality injustice does not exist in this world, ‘Whatever happens is Justice’. Read on to know more…

Whatever happens is justice

This video explores the world's seeming injustice, and offers Dada Bhagwan's spiritual understanding for resolving the suffering of injustice.


Top Questions & Answers

  1. Q. What is justice?

    A. A man is waiting for a bus on the correct side on a road. A bus comes around on the wrong side of... Read More

  2. Q. Why someone's hard earned money gets stolen ?

    A. People ask me, why are there thieves and pickpockets in this world? Why has God granted them birth?... Read More

  3. Q. Why people hurt us?

    A. Our relentless search for justice has exhausted us. A person always asks what he did do to deserve... Read More

  4. Q. What is the language of God?

    A. WHAT IS GOD’S PLACE LIKE? God has neither justice nor injustice. His language is that no living... Read More

  5. Q. How to collect money owed to me?

    A. The intellect creates a storm and spoils everything. What is intellect? It is that which seeks... Read More

  6. Q. Should I look for justice?

    A. Are you trying to look for justice in this world? Whatever happens, is justice. If someone slaps... Read More

  7. Q. How to resolve inheritance and will dispute ?

    A. Upon the death of their father, four sons have a dispute over the inheritance of some land. The... Read More

  8. Q. How can I get rid of the intellect?

    A. Dadashri: It is not so easy to get rid of the intellect. If you get rid of its causes, only then... Read More

  9. Q. Who is responsible for my life ?

    A. Everything is your own projection. Why do you blame others? Questioner : It is the repercussion of... Read More

  10. Q. What is the nature of nature's justice?

    A. Nature is always just. Not even for a fraction of a moment has it been unjust. Justice that... Read More

Spiritual Quotes

  1. If you understand and accept that, 'Whatever happens is justice', you will sail through life, unhindered.
  2. If you question nature's justice, you will invite puzzles and suffering.
  3. Justice that prevails in law courts may be unjust at times, but nature's justice is always exact.
  4. Nature regulates everything, but man complains because of his selfishness.
  5. If you understand nature's justice , which says, 'Whatever happens is in itself justice'; it will liberate you.
  6. It is your intellect that traps you and makes you question the justice of nature, which is all encompassing.
  7. The cause of the intellect is our own pursuit of justice. If we stop looking for justice, the intellect will go away.
  8. God has neither justice not injustice. His language is such that no living being should suffer. Justice and injustice only exist in the human language.
  9. People however, are out to look for justice and desire liberation as well. This is a contradiction.You cannot have both. Where questions end liberation begins.
  10. To understand things 'as they are', is Gnan (knowledge of the self) itself and not to understand things 'as they are' is ignorance.

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