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Keep Your Intentions Pure To Pay All Debts

Questioner : I have incurred a very heavy loss in my business, what should I do? Should I close the business? I am in deep debt.

Dadashri:  Losses incurred in a cotton business, cannot be recouped by opening a grocery store. Losses incurred in business have to be regained from the same business; you cannot recoup your losses by doing a different job. Can you recoup losses from a business of contract by opening up a beetle nut store? The injuries you incurred from whatever trade you were in will have to be healed in the same trade. Therein lies the medicine for your wounds.

The only thing you have to maintain is that you do not want to hurt any living being, even in the slightest degree. Be pure in your intentions to pay off all your debts. If your intentions are pure, you will be able to fulfill all your financial obligations. Money is considered the eleventh life, and therefore you must never keep money that belongs to others. If others keep your money then it does not matter, but your intention must always be that you want to pay them back, down to the last penny. Keep this intention in your awareness, and then you can engage in your business. Play your game, but do not become a player. If you become a player, then you will be doomed! Do not speculate in your business.

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