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How conflicts can be resolved?

Dadashri: The one who learns the art of adjusting is the one who has turned towards the path of liberation. To have made an adjustment is Gnan. The one who has learnt to adjust is considered having won. Whatever you have to suffer, you have no choice but suffer. There is no problem for the one who knows how to adjust and his karmic account will be cleared. Everyone can adjust with people who are easy to get along with, but if you are able to adjust with those who are awkward, difficult, and stubborn, then you have accomplished your work. Adjustment is the main thing. To say yes to everything, is liberation. Even if you give in, nothing is going to happen outside the realms of vyavasthit. But, if you say no, or you oppose, then you will have problems.

If both the husband and wife make a decision jointly that they want to adjust with each other, then it is possible for both to achieve their goals. Or, if one of you pulls more, the other should give in more; even then you can resolve matters. A man has pain in his arm but he tells no one, instead he uses his good arm to massage the other one. In this way, if you are able to adjust, you will accomplish your work. Nothing will be achieved through conflicts. Even though you do not like conflicts, you still have them do you not? If the other partner is being adamant and keeps pulling, you should just let go and go to sleep. But, if you both keep pulling, neither of you will be able to sleep and your whole night will be ruined. You take so much care in your worldly transactions, your partnership, your business, and all related matters, so can you not exercise the same level of caution in matters of your lifetime partnership with your spouse? The worldly life is nothing but a factory and a museum of conflicts. Some household will have a few, some will have more and some will have a lot.

People do not know how to adjust in their homes but they sit down to read scriptures about the soul! You foolish people! Let go of this nonsense! First, learn to do this! You do not even know how to adjust at home. Such is the world! So, you must get your work done.

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