Self Realization – The Gateway to Eternal Happiness

The true Self is an abode of infinite bliss, yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things! Until you realize who you really are, everything proves to be transient and temporary. When you realize the Self(Self Realization), you attain eternal happiness.

Knowing who “I” am is Self Realization

Do you know who you really are? Are you really John or is your name John?

Your name is considered to be your identity! But didn’t your friends in school call you Johnny or Jo? Your parents have their own ways of expressing their love and so will your wife. You can also change your name to Jack by legal process if you like. Does changing your name change you as well? Do you lose your existence by changing your name? No!

Then, Who Are You in Reality? What Is Our Self Identity?

Let’s look at it from another angle. You say, ‘My head,’ ‘My body,’ ‘My feet,’ ‘My eyes,’ ‘My ears.’ You don’t say, ‘I am head,’ ‘I am body,’ etc. This means that all your body parts fall under ‘My.’ Similarly, you say, ‘My watch,’ ‘My eyeglasses,’ ‘My house,’ ‘My car,’ you don’t say ‘I am watch,’ ‘I am eyeglasses,’ etc., which means that all your belongings also go under ‘My.’ So then who is the owner of everything that comes under ‘My’? Keeping all the items that fall under “my” aside, you are only left with the owner – “I”. That “I” is precisely what you need to realize and that is Self Realization.


"If one 'understands' his own Self, he is himself a Parmatma (Absolute Supreme Soul). ”

- Dada Bhagwan

Realization of “I” through the Spiritual Master

Just as a goldsmith is required to separate gold from other metals, a Spiritual Master (Gnani Purush) is required to attain Self Realization. With the grace of the Spiritual Master (Gnani Purush), it is possible to achieve this Self Realization via a scientific process called Gnan Vidhi.

How Do You Experience Self Realization: Attend the Scientific Process Called Gnan Vidhi

Gnan Vidhi is a 2 hour process of Self Realization in the unique path of Akram Vignan. The first 48 minutes is where the Spiritual Master calls out sentences known as “bhed vignan” (science of separation), the seeker repeats these sentences. This process of Self Realization separates the Self and the non-Self. It is then, followed by an explanation of “5 Agnas” (5 cardinal principles) through practical examples. “5 Agnas” will nurture and protect the experience of the Soul along with living your life with equanimity and harmony.

Gnan Vidhi(process of Self Realization) has to be attended in person. Would you use a picture of a candle to light another candle? No! You would use a light candle. In the same way, in order to experience the True Self, you need to be in the direct presence of a Spiritual Master (Gnani Purush).

Gnan Vidhi(process of Self Realization) is an experiential process that is available to all who are over 18 years old. This process is a priceless gift given freely to all. There is no charge of any kind. There is no need to change your present religion or guru; the teachings of the Spiritual Master (Gnani Purush) are relevant to all irrespective of religion, gender or social status.

Humility and an open heart are all you need to receive this invaluable experience.

What is Gnan Vidhi ?

Realize your true Self and experience your Soul through the scientific process of Self Realization (Gnan Vidhi)

What Are the Signs of Self Realization: After Gnan Vidhi

“What is the sign of having attained the Self Realization? Presence of awareness; constant awareness.”

~Dada Bhagwan
  • After Self Realization, a conviction is established that “I am Pure Soul” and its awareness gets initiated .
  • Worries vanish because you obtain the right understanding of ‘Who the Real Doer is’ and thus you remain stable even in adverse circumstances.
  • The inner weaknesses of anger, greed, pride and deceit gradually decrease and one's experience of bliss of the Self increases .
  • Experience of eternal peace, happiness and harmony with all living being’s starts with the application of scientific concepts of Akram Vignan after Self Realization.
  • Self Realization brings love for all living beings, leading to the intent for world salvation.
  • There arises a feeling of oneness with everyone because the True Self (Soul) is the same in everyone.

Self Realization Experiences

Millions of people have experienced Self Realization and are remaining in awareness of pure Soul while carrying out their worldly duties.

Gnan Vidhi Notification Form

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