Life after Enlightenment

"I do not live in sansar (worldly life) at all, not even for a moment. To live the worldly life means to live in the state of the non-Self. I remain in the Self. I live constantly in the state of the Self (moksha), constantly maintaining spiritual awareness."

With this enlightenment, came the bliss of the Self and He became completely detached from the physical body of Ambalal Patel. The ego of Ambalal, which was a constant source of torment for Him, vanished completely. With the new divine vision, He saw all living beings as pure Souls. Nothing changed on the outside, but His speech began to emanate pure knowledge and had a profound impact on those around Him. It did not take long for those close to Him to notice that He had been uniquely transformed in some special way and began seeking His company. They endearingly began to address Him as 'Dadashri' and 'Dada Bhagwan'.

Dada Bhagwan

He could not bear to see people's suffering and knew that the Vision He had acquired would relieve all from suffering and liberate them. It was His ardent desire that the world also attain the true knowledge and bliss that He was experiencing. He began to give satsang and grace people with Self Realization. His spiritual magnitude was instantly recognized by a 23 year old medical student, Niruben Amin, after she met Him for the first time in 1968. She immediately decided to relinquish her medical career and devote her life to taking care of Him. It was evident that Param Pujya Dadashri gave no consideration to His frail health or comfort when it came to doing satsang. Together they traveled throughout India and abroad at their own expense, to make available this precious knowledge to all.

His satsangs were always in a question-answer format. His answers, tailored to the specific needs of the questioner, unfailingly gave closure to the seekers and lifted them higher. Akram Vignan gave Him the ability to extract the essence of all scriptures and give to the seekers, fresh, succinct and easily applicable guidelines to live not only a spiritual but also their worldly life.

Dada Bhagwan

Param Pujya Dadashri left His mortal body in January 1988, leaving behind the mission of the world's salvation in the very capable hands of Pujya Niruma (Dr. Niruben Amin) and her spiritual contemporary Pujya Deepakbhai. He groomed both of them. He graced Pujya Niruma with His divine energies to conduct Gnan Vidhi (process of Self Realization) and satsangs. Pujya Deepakbhai was graced to conduct satsangs. In 2003, Pujya Niruma graced Pujya Deepakbhai to conduct Gnan Vidhi (process of Self Realization).

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