What Is a Soul: The Most Beautiful Element in the Entire Universe!!!

The Soul is also referred to as Rooh, the Holy Spirit, consciousness or super-consciousness, depending on the language one speaks or the religion one follows. Many people also call it as the real self, immortal soul, pure soul, true self, or atma. Still, what is a soul? Is it totally spiritual but not religious?

Soul means Atma, Atma means Self

The one who has experienced the Soul has relished its beauty. While peace is the nature of the mind, bliss is the nature of the Soul! Bliss means a state of eternal happiness.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “The true meaning of Atma is the Self, one’s Real form. Eternal happiness, bliss, is within you. Your real Self, i.e., the Soul is an abode of infinite bliss and yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things!”

The Ultimate Purpose of Human Life Is to Get the Soul Awakened

Soul is present in every living being. It is uniform in nature, i.e., every Soul has the same properties. The main properties are infinite Knowledge, infinite Vision, infinite Strength and infinite Bliss.

While material pleasures such as fame, money and possessions, by their inherent nature, are temporary and insatiable; the Soul is eternal and so are its properties. For instance, money does bring comfort and happiness into one’s life, but it can never give ever-lasting happiness or bliss like the Soul does. For this reason, the essence of all scriptures, spiritual disciplines and spiritual practices is just one: Get your Soul awakened!

That Which Cannot Be Seen, How Does One Awaken It?

The Soul cannot be seen with physical eyes, nor can it be completely described in words. It is that subtle. To realize it, we need a living spiritual master whose Soul is already awakened. Such a master is known as the Gnani, with whose grace, our vision (the property of the Soul) opens up to know what is a soul.

He is an Enlightened Being who has the power to awaken the Soul of others. Only He can give us the taste of Self-Realization (the experience of our Soul)!!! So, with the best wishes of “May you soon find the path to the Eternal”, here’s all that you would like to know regarding your Soul…

About the Soul

Before attaining Self- Realization, there is ignorance and you are observing everything through intellect. After Self- Realization, wrong belief changes into right belief and you get awareness that you are really a Soul - knower, seer of everything. Soul is totally invisible, having its own properties called – Knowledge and Vision ( Gyan and Darshan ), with these one visualizes and experiences everything.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. The world is not an eternal element (vastu). It is in fact the Self's false notion of 'I am this' (vikalp).
  2. Freedom from the 'spectacles' of illusion, and freedom from the awareness of 'I am the doer'; that is known as the pure Soul.
  3. The infinite Knowledge (anant Gnan), infinite Vision (anant Darshan), infinite energy (anant shakti) of the Self is in the very same form even today. The Self has never become a sinner. The Self is nothing but completely pure.
  4. To practice the religion of the Soul that is Self religion
  5. Where the slightest pain cannot be felt, the Soul exists there.
  6. Only the Self (the soul) is worth knowing. Knowing other things increases vikalp (I-ness; wrong belief increases).
  7. How far is the Soul from attaining moksha (ultimate liberation)? Only the obstructive (antray) karmas.
  8. The greatest wonder of this world is the “Soul”. Once that is attained, everything is attained!!!
  9. The one with karma is known as mortal (jiva) and the one without karma is known as Soul (Self; immortal)
  10. The Soul is neither a Jain nor a Vaishnav. The Soul is Vitarag (free from attachment and abhorrence). This is the religion of the Vitarag (the enlightened ones)

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