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What is Ideal Business and what are its Limits?

Questioner : What is ideal Business?

Dadashri: The best kind of business is one where there is no violence or harm against other living entity through the mind, speech and body. No one should get hurt from your business, but here grocers will sell their customers short; they will weigh the grains and then take some out. They have even learnt to adulterate their goods. A person who adulterates food for profit is doomed for the animal kingdom. Keep religious principles in your business otherwise degradation will set in.

Questioner : How much should a person expand his business?

Dadashri : Expand your business to the extent where it will let you sleep well at night. And when you want to do away with it, then you will be able to do so. And in the process do not invite unnecessary difficulties.

Interest On Money Loaned

Questioner : The scriptures prohibit one from charging interest.

Dadashri : Our scriptures have not raised an objection to interest but when a person's intentions turn towards interest then it becomes detrimental to him. There is no problem in you charging interest on your money as long as the other person is not hurt by it.

Be Noble in Your Frugality

How should you practice frugality in your home? You should practice it in a way that it does not offend anyone. You should never practice frugality in your kitchen or when it comes to sharing food. You should be generous in your frugality. If frugality enters your kitchen, it will ruin your mind and when you have visitors, you will think, 'The rice will be used up.' On the other hand, if a person is extravagant, I will tell him to practice noble frugality.

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