Science of Spirituality

Most of us have different spiritual beliefs when it comes to finding out about something that is higher than the self and is beyond the physical realm. However, not all of them are true. This is because spirituality or spiritualism is the science of knowing the spiritual Self using a scientific process. The science of spirituality is such that it sets the right belief of the real Self by removing all worldly and imaginary beliefs.

Generally, the words Religion and Spirituality are often used interchangeably. However, there is a big difference between the two.

Spirituality means turning towards the soul

Those who are on the spiritual path may be seen rendering their worldly duties and obligations externally, but internally, their sole desire remains that of ‘attaining the Soul’. Therefore, day and night, their mind is constantly devoted to the instruments that enable the attainment of the Pure Soul. These instruments are totally different from those used for religious practices. They introduce us to spirituality, ensure spiritual growth, and ultimately, help us flourish to a stage where we actually attain the Soul.

The primary instruments of spirituality are the Gnani and his enlightening words

Just as only a lit candle can light another candle, the Enlightened One alone can enlighten others. Therefore, a Living Gnani, whose Soul is awakened, is required to awaken our Soul!

If we find such a Gnani, we must obtain the knowledge of the Self (Atma-Gnan or spiritual knowledge) from Him and follow His words to live a genuine spiritual life. His words are such, which when applied to our day-to-day life, clear all entanglements, instill right understanding in us, and help bring forth meaningful results on the path of spirituality.

From the moment one adopts spirituality...

  • Tension and worries leave,
  • Anger, pride, deceit and greed that are present begin to reduce,
  • Fears and suffering decrease and peace reigns within as spiritual understanding grows, and
  • Eternal bliss of the Soul is attained, ultimately.

The one who, in real terms, turns towards spirituality certainly finds these results because its science takes one towards the Soul. So come, let’s explore the complete science of spirituality from the teachings, as propounded by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

Religion and Spirituality

Religion tells you the difference of good deeds and bad deeds. It talks about paap and punya. To leave the bad and grasp the good knowledge. Spirituality tells that liberation is beyond this bad and good. You will have to leave both, merit and demerit karmas in ordger to attain salvation. In spirituality you only need a deeper understanding there are no rituals to be performed or scriptures to read.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. As long as doer-ship exists, till then spiritually one is not considered having awareness, till then one is sleeping in spirituality.
  2. If one does not get instigated while someone tries to instigate, that is called a spiritual victory.
  3. Understanding spirituality means that every day anger, pride, deceit and greed continue to decrease, will not increase.
  4. When can it be said that one has entered into spirituality? Spirituality begins from the moment one gets the slight impression ‘I am somewhat different from this [the body?]’ And when dehadhyas, the belief of ‘I am the body, the relative self’, goes away; that is when spirituality is complete.
  5. Spirituality is not in the form of rituals; it is, in fact, a perspective (drashti). The people of the world have a worldly perspective, whereas this is a spiritual perspective. After the Gnani Purush (the One who has realized the Self and is able to do the same for others) turns around one's perspective, spirituality can be Seen on that side.
  6. The path of spirituality is a path where one has to keep on reducing his wishes for worldly happiness, as one moves on the path ahead. And ultimately there, natural and spontaneous bliss of the Self will arise. Your own true happiness, eternal happiness will arise.
  7. When the egoism becomes zero; that is indeed spirituality.
  8. An instrument that does not help to attain the ultimate goal (Self realization) cannot be considered as spirituality at all !
  9. Worries and sufferings are helpful for (one’s) spiritual development.

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