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How dangerous is the Abuse of Power?

Some with power and authority will oppress those under them. The one who abuses his power will lose it. He will also lose his right to be born as a human being again. If you reprimand a person for just one hour, you will bind one whole lifetime. It is a different matter if you reprimand a person who is your opponent.

Questioner : If the other person is difficult and adamant, should we not be the same?

Dadashri: You are not to see anything about the other person. He is responsible for his own actions. If some outlaws confronted you and you behaved like an outlaw too, then it is a different matter, but instead you just hand over your possessions to them, don't you? What is the point in acting boldly in front of the meek? What really counts is despite your strength; you become humble when dealing with the weak.

These officers come to work after getting into a fight with their wives and take it out on their workers. What fools! Be nice to your assistants, what will become of you if your assistant were to deceive you into signing certain important documents to get even with you? You need your assistants.

I take very good care of my assistants because the business runs smoothly on account of them.

Many people try to impress their boss to get into his good books. If the boss says to charge twenty percent, he will charge twenty-five percent to impress his boss! He is binding demerit karma in the process.

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