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Prayer for Strength and Spiritual Development

Many a time we think, “I did not want to have negative thoughts, but they arise anyway. I did not want to say anything negative, but it came out. I did not want to behave badly, but it happened.” Why does this happen?

While exposing the science behind this, Param Pujya Dadashri says, our speech, thoughts and actions today, are the result of the causes we bound in our past life. No one can bring about any changes in a result. If the cause changes, the result will change automatically.

Then how can we change our inner intent, or cause? Param Pujya Dadashri provides a prayer for strength, the Nine Kalams, as a solution to show us how to pray and what to ask God. This prayer for strength is the extracted essence of the all scriptures. It is the key to bringing about a change in our inner intent, on a fundamental level.

Just by reciting this prayer for strength, we ask for forgiveness for all our different types of mistakes and we ask for strength not to repeat them again. By reciting it, our inner intents become pure. 

Let us go through the questions below to find out the vast science behind these Nine Kalams

Science of inner intent

This video explores the spiritual science of inner intent. It demonstrates the effect of inner intent on our current circumstances and it's power to change our future life.


Top Questions & Answers

  1. Q. Why should I not hurt anyone's ego when he/she is wrong?

    A. Questioner:  In one's daily business, it is difficult to avoid hurting the ego of some individuals,... Read More

  2. Q. How to improve speech? How to avoid hurtful words?

    A. Dadashri: You should not speak harshly. If someone is hurt by your words, you should tell him,... Read More

  3. Q. How to deal with food temptations? What is spiritually balanced diet?

    A. Dadashri: When you sit down to eat and you only like certain vegetable dishes, for example only... Read More

  4. Q. How to avoid dislike and contempt?

    A. Questioner: "Hae Dada Bhagwan! Mane koi pan dehdhari jivatma pratye, kinchit matra pan abhaav,... Read More

  5. Q. How to be free from sexual impulses and sexual desires?

    A. Questioner: “Hae Dada Bhagwan! Mane koi pan deh-dhaari jivatma pratye streeh, purush, agar... Read More

  6. Q. Why not to hurt Foundation of any religion?

    A. Questioner: "Hae Dada Bhagwan! Mane koi pan dharmanu kinchit matra pan praman na dubhai; na... Read More

  7. Q. How to lead someone to the path of Self Realization?

    A. "Dearest Dada Bhagwan! Give me the infinite inner strength to become an instrument for the world in... Read More

  8. Q. How can you increase your level of spiritual development?

    A. Due to the current time cycle, people today do not have the strength to rise spiritually. If they... Read More

  9. Q. The Essence of All Religion : 9 Kalam for Spiritual Development

    A. I told one gentleman that these nine kalams comprise everything. Nothing has been left out. I told... Read More

  10. Q. How to be free from worldly relations?

    A. Questioner: These nine kalams that are given, are they for the purification of thought, speech and... Read More

Spiritual Quotes

  1. If the cause changes, the result will change.
  2. The change of opinion changes the cause.
  3. If you see fault in someone, it is your own fault. Our intellect makes us see faults in others.
  4. As long as you have tiraskar (CONTEMPT) for anyone, you cannot become a vitaraag. (A state where one is beyond all attachment and aversion).
  5. "By the very fact that you have changed your opinion, you have become separate from the event. This is the secret of the path of liberation. The world is not aware of it."
  6. All your faults that have occurred up until now will be washed when you say these kalamas and the fruits will surely come.
  7. These nine kalams contain the highest bhaav. They are the essence of all the scriptures.
  8. When a person invokes these kalams all his conflicts with the world will cease. A sense of oneness with all will prevail.
  9. These nine kalams is the essence of all religion.
  10. Contempt hurts the ego.

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