May the world attain Ultimate Peace and may some attain Liberation

  • 100% purity towards matters of sexuality and money is essential.
  • Our activities are not for anyone to obtain personal prosperity or profit, instead it is for the organization’s financial self-reliance, preservation and development
Kashay* free interactions (Kashay=anger, pride, deceit and greed)
  • Aiming for mutual oneness, together with Dada Bhagwan’s ‘Nine pure intents’, interactions should be kashay free and loving
  • Remaining in non-doership while carrying out every action of seva (service), keeping a positive view point, and using the intellect only to find work solutions, rather than finding faults in individuals.
Submission – to the living Gnani
  • Keeping the intent of utmost humility in worldly interactions and remaining within Dada Bhagwan’s five principles, stay in submission to the present living Gnani Shree Deepakbhai Desai as well as the future genealogy of Gnani’s who have acquired the blessings of the present living Gnani.
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