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Science of Mind

Just like the other senses, the human mind has its own function. The function of mind is to think. It is neither good nor bad. It is made up of knots or tubers. When external and inner circumstances arise, the tuber in the mind erupts and sprouts. The ‘sprouting’ of a tuber is the beginning of a thought and these thoughts come and go. So, our job is to let the mind think without getting engrossed in the thoughts.

When racing of thoughts takes place, we think about killing the mind. However, killing the mind makes one absent-minded, which is equivalent to killing your own presence of mind. The mind is needed in order to attain liberation (moksha), so becoming absent-minded hinders the grasping of the knowledge that will lead one to liberation.

In the ‘ocean of life’, the mind is a ‘boat’; one can only cross the ocean and reach ashore i.e. liberation, using this boat. Therefore, the mind is not to be fractured, it is to be dissolved.

Study the science of mind which will help you to dissolve the mind…

Purpose of the Mind

Whatever opinion one gives in past life, such atoms get charged and those charged karmas represent themselves in the form of mind in the next life.


Top Questions & Answers

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  5. Q. How do you still the mind? Is there a connection between a still mind and spirituality?

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  6. Q. How powerful is the mind? Why should one never kill the mind?

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  7. Q. Why do so many thoughts arise? Is it possible to control your thoughts? And why should we not suppress our thoughts?

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  8. Q. How the mind works?

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  9. Q. Are the mind and brain the same? Is there a difference between the mind and Soul?

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  10. Q. Does restraining the mind lay the foundation of inner peace or samadhi? Is there a mind control test?

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Spiritual Quotes

  1. The mind means last life’s stock, which bears fruit in this life. The old mind discharges and a new mind charges. Discharge means it is constantly exhausting i.e. depleting.
  2. The mind is not to be destroyed; the mind is to be kept separated.
  3. One uses meditation to still the mind when it becomes agitated and restless. That will help allay the disease of restlessness, but it will do nothing for liberation. Only when the mind remains constantly under control, can it be considered cured. Constant control means it will not go anywhere.
  4. Is the mind not under control while counting money? Where there is satisfaction, all inner complainers are silenced! There is no need to restrain the mind. The mind needs to be controlled with the help of Gnan!
  5. If one's mind becomes conflict-free that is "moksha" (liberation), conflict filled mind, that is worldly life.
  6. The mind works like a radar. If you try to destroy the mind, you will become absent minded. The mind takes you to moksha. You are not to get rid of it. When the mind shows fear, you should get back into the ‘cave’ of Pure Soul (our True Self).
  7. Only the chit needs to be purified. The mind has not spoiled. It is the nature of the mind to show you good and bad. The chit has become ruined; it keeps on roaming and wandering everywhere and it does not even have to buy a ticket! It is all free!
  8. Gnani’s own mind acts completely under His control!
  9. If the mind shows danger signal, ‘You’ (relative self) should enter into the den of pure Soul. Whatever circumstances the mind can see; it will give information accordingly. And that is how it performs its duty!
  10. If the mind is surrendered to Gnani, then only, the progress of those on the path to final liberation occurs. And they can go forward on the path pointed out by the Gnani!

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