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Facts about Death

‘Death’ is such a word, remembering which, one experiences a feeling of grief, fear and sadness. Every person gets to witness some or the other death in life. By just looking at the dead body, countless thoughts regarding death arise in the mind. If a loved one dies prematurely, the family members just drown in grief. At that time, on not being able to resolve the reality of the nature of death and its mystery, neither the pain nor the fear diminishes. Over and above, one who dies is not able to tell the experience and one who is born does not know the state before birth. Hence, the mystery of what state one has to pass through before death, at the time of death and after death remains intact. It is possible to unveil it by knowing the facts about death.

What is death? What is the cause of death? What after death? Is reincarnation for real? If all these secrets are understood, then the fear of death can fly away! If there remains equanimity in case of grief, and not only that, if the science of death is also understood, then the importance of human life is also understood. Consequently, death becomes a festival rather than a sad event!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has provided a scientific reasoning for all the secrets of death, which the readers get here. Not only this, he has also explained in a subtle manner the remedies by which one doesn’t have to take a rebirth after death, and can be permanently freed from the cycle of birth and death. So come, let's get practical and spiritual solutions to all death questions, explore facts about death, and go through death quotes.

What Happens after Death?

Pujya Niruma describes what happens after death. She also explains the Soul's transmigration process after death, and the unusual circumstances that give rise to ghosts, or disembodied spirits.


Top Questions & Answers

  1. Q. What Is Death?

    A. Death is a fact of life, an inevitable fact. We all know this fact, yet the very name of death... Read More

  2. Q. What are the causes of Death?

    A. When it comes to finding what are the causes of death, responses tend to differ. Some die due to... Read More

  3. Q. Is Reincarnation Real?

    A. Everyone believes that the Soul leaves the body after death, but where does the Soul go? Does the... Read More

  4. Q. What happens after Death?

    A. After death, the Soul leaves one body, and on the other hand, it directly enters the womb where the... Read More

  5. Q. How to overcome fear of Death?

    A. Despite knowing that death cannot be avoided, the fear of death remains in everyone. Thus, we keep... Read More

  6. Q. What awareness should be kept during the final moments before Death?

    A. A person, in his final moments before death, gets a feeling that many of his wishes shall now... Read More

  7. Q. How to break the cycle of Reincarnation?

    A. If the Soul is unborn and immortal, then the cycles of coming and going i.e. birth followed by... Read More

Spiritual Quotes

  1. It is the ego that fears death not the Soul. It is the ego that has the fear of 'I am going to die, I am going to die.'
  2. The body is the result and effect of the ignorance of the Self, the Soul.
  3. Death takes place when all the accounts of karma of a persons's life are finished.
  4. The Gnani Purush puts a stop to the creation of causes and all that remains will be the effects, which one will have to endure. New karmas will no longer be bound.
  5. If one knows how to fulfill his human birth, then he can achieve liberation.
  6. Do you know what it means when a person dies? It means that all accounts (karmic), his and yours, are now closed. So all you can do whenever you remember him is to ask the Lord to grant him peace.
  7. So the causes are created in this life, and the effects of these causes will have to be endured in the next life.
  8. The cycle of birth and death is for the ego. The Soul is in its own state. When the ego stops, this cycle also stops.
  9. In reality and according to nature's law, if you deprive others of things that you have no right to, then you will go into the animal form.
  10. In God's vision, no one ever dies. If God were to give you this vision, some day, then no number of deaths would affect you in this world. This is because of this right vision (knowledge).

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