How to Control Mind

The mind is a projector and the thoughts that arise in the mind are like a film which plays continuously. Param Pujya Dadashri has discovered the inner workings of the mind and has explained how to control mind in an understandable manner.

When your mind is overcrowded with racing thoughts you try to find an escape using diversions or different activities. However, these are all temporary solutions. Once these activities have ended, countless thoughts continue to buzz around like a fly.

Analyze the thoughts that arise in your mind. Some thoughts are beneficial while others are not. Filter out the thoughts that are not beneficial. Walk only according to the thoughts that take you towards your goal. Eventually you will obtain the reins of the mind and thus be able to still the mind. This still mind will result in a Healthy minds. Otherwise you will drown in the ocean of thoughts that are not beneficial to you and the mind will control you.

After attaining Self Realization, you can easily know how to control mind.  

Control the Mind

To control thinking is not called as control of mind. It is difficult to control the mind when one is in ignorance. But by knowledge of Self-Realization, one can get the idea about how to control the mind.

Spiritual Quotes

  1. What is the nature of the mind? When one says, "I am depressed", then the burden of the depression will increase ten fold. And when he says, "I am not depressed", then the burden reduces ten fold.
  2. The mind cannot be tied down with anything. Just as you need a vessel to contain and confine water, you need Gnan to confine the mind.
  3. The mind is in the form of tubers. When it sprouts, it is a thought. If you want to understand your mind, then draw a graph of your mind for a month. Make a note of the thoughts that you have the most. That is the largest tuber. Then the second, the third… if you find five or six such tubers, you will fully understand your mind.
  4. When one becomes engrossed with the mind, there will be happiness and there will be misery too. And when there is no engrossment in either of the two, there will be ultimate bliss.
  5. He who has won over the mind, has become the world’s conqueror! He whose own mind acts under his own control, can have others’ minds under his control!
  6. ‘The mind is wandering’ - this statement is not scientific.  What wanders is the chit. The mind can never go out of the body.
  7. The mind is always getting discharged, what this means is that it is already in motion; it is constantly exhausting, getting consumed, i.e. it is getting dissolved! If one does not get mixed in it, it will not become a thought.
  8. If the mind shows what is against our aim, Can you take the side of the opposing side? If you do, the mind will make your aim  vanish away!
  9. The mind will never be non-mind. The mind is controlled after knowledge is achieved!
  10. One can conclude from one’s today’s thoughts as to what he or she was involved in during their previous incarnation. Today’s mind is the vision of previous knowledge.
  11. Whatever puzzle the mind is dissolved in, once that puzzle is solved, the mind is freed!

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