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Stop Fault Finding and Blaming Others: The Most Effective of All Conflict Management Techniques

As long as you find fault in others, you suffer.

Now, you no longer have to suffer

Param Pujya Dadashri says,Suffering in this world will remain for you as long as you see faults of the world and others. Freedom will be yours when you see the world and others as innocent.” Once you start to see your own faults, and stop blaming others, you experience inner peace

So how do you stop blaming others? How can you break the veils of flawed vision? What conflict management techniques can you use to overcome this? How do I accept that it is my fault? The Gnani Purush (Enlightened One) through Self Realization, gives us the flawless vision, with the help of which, we stop finding faults in others. With this Flawless Vision, which is one of the effective conflict management techniques, you will see people, things, and situations the way they are. 

Read on to know how you can progress spiritually by seeing your own faults.

Stop Finding Faults In Others

Our blunders and mistakes are the cause of our bondage. Flawless vision is biggest positive result of Self realization. By seeing people's faults our conflicts will increase and by seeing our own faults the conflicts will decrease. Watch this video to gain more understanding about this.


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Spiritual Quotes

  1. All misery and suffering in this world is a consequence of lack of understanding.
  2. When you engage in criticisms you are dissipating your own energies.
  3. When you confess your mistakes, your strength begins to grow.
  4. When you begin to see your own faults, you have attained Right Vision.
  5. The nature of mistakes is such that once you become aware of them, they leave.
  6. Once you are awakened to The Self, you become aware of your mistakes; otherwise you can never see your own faults or mistakes.
  7. You are your own protector and your own destroyer. You are whole and sole responsible for yourself. You are the only boss.
  8. Suffering in this world will remain for you as long as you see faults of the world and others. Freedom will be yours when you see the world and others as innocent.
  9. Once a person decides that he wants to destroy all his mistakes, he can become fully enlightened.
  10. No mistakes can touch the one who is in his pure state of awareness.

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