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When bad things happen do you ever think, ‘I want to end my suffering. I want to end my life’?

Throughout our lives, we undergo cycles of good and bad times and in the end some of us reach the conclusion that life is suffering. When good things happen, we are happy, joyful, and content. In contrast, when bad things happen, we feel sad, depressed, and miserable; eventually reaching a point when we think ‘I want to end my suffering. I want to end my life’.

Although we all would like the “bad” phases to pass quickly, we do not fully appreciate the good circumstances when they do come around. Therefore, if you are experiencing troublesome times, it is critical to remember that this is a phase and the law that governs our lives says that this period will pass and be followed by good times.

Is taking your life the answer?

By taking your life, will the bad times go away? Certainly not, because you will have to suffer grave consequences in your next life. Therefore, it is best if you endure the pain in your present life and overcome this difficult period. And think how strong you will be when you persevere and get through it.

“What should I do when bad things happen?”

  • Ask for help, do not suffer in silence – reach out!
  • Look after your well-being – physical and mental.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. What we eat can have an effect on our thoughts.
  • There is tremendous strength in remaining optimistic.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Focus on what you can do to change your present situation – a step at a time.
  • Know that you have a choice to be happy or sad, no matter how bad the circumstances are.
  • Draw strength from your faith.
  • Do things which make you happy.
  • Make a change of scenery – Go walking, visit relatives or friends.
  • Know that nothing ever remains the same.
  • Look at people who are worse off than you are. This will give you the strength to cope with your pain.
  • Help out the needy. You will get a lot of peace by doing this.
  • Make a difference – at home, work or in the community.

The Effects of Positive and Negative Energies.

End My Suffering

In this world, only the ‘positive’ will give you happiness; the ‘negative’ will give you nothing but grief. We cannot do anything except remain positive and endure the pain. The bad times will pass over time. Circumstances are always changing and nothing ever remains the same in our lives.

Therefore, we must be patient and pray for the strength to cope with our present circumstances. But never give in or surrender to them, as this bad period will most certainly pass.

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