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Does being emotional (udveg) make one more prone to committing suicide?

Udvega - so many difficulties

Questioner: Udvega can also occur because of separation due to difference of opinions, can it not?

Dadashri: Yes, udvega can also occur because of separation due to difference of opinions. Udvega starts when everything becomes excessive; when things go beyond limits. When a man stabs someone, he does so when he experiences udvega.

Questioner: Can inner restlessness (ajumpo) be considered emotional agitation (udvega)?

Dadashri: Restlessness is much better. Restlessness occurs even when you break a glass. Restlessness is straight and simple. In udvega you feel as if someone is hitting sharp blows on your head. But inner restlessness (ajumpo) and outburst that hurts others (kadhapo) occurs even when you drop and break a glass. Udvega occurs when something major occurs. Udvega starts as soon as one becomes emotional; it does not even let one sleep.

Questioner: But do emotional people not worry more?

Dadashri: Emotional people experience more udvega not worries and with udvega they feel as if they are dying. Motion means vega and emotional means udvega.

Questioner: Now, is vega (that which is natural) also not in motion?

Dadashri: Vega (natural movement) is constantly present. Vega - motion, should always be there. Those who are living certainly have vega and they are in motion. All living entities that experience fear; that run away in fear if you touch them, all definitely have vega. But the single-sensory (ekindriya) beings like the trees and plants do not have vega. Their vega is of a different kind. But every creature has vega. They are always in vega, they are constantly in motion and when you disturb that motion, they become emotional and that is called udvega. What would happen if a train becomes emotional?

Questioner: There will be destruction. It will cause an accident and people will die.

Dadashri: That is what happens within the body. Many of the jivas (the living micro organisms) that live within the body are killed when you become emotional, and for that you incur a karmic liability and the second liability is the external problems (upadhi) that will be caused by the udvega itself.

What is udvega like? It makes one jump in front of a train, into a river or it makes one take an overdose. Udvega means the rising of motion leading to extreme emotional reactions in one's mind and then one tries to commit suicide. He will drink poison. 'You fool, you emptied the whole bottle?' He will say, 'Yes I drank it all.'

A man with udvega will not survive. When a person is in udvega, it will not let him come to do darshan here. Udvega is a big thing. Not everyone has seen udvega. Because of this Gnan, it will all pass in the form of a discharge. So tell the udvega, 'However many of you want to come, come on as long as this body is strong. Do not come when this body is old.' Let them come as long as you have the strength. You can fight them off now.

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