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From Failure to Success – Learn How to Overcome Failure and Prevent Suicide

Unequivocally, everyone in life will go through periods of success and failure. No one can constantly maintain success. Failure does not last forever either. During downturns, we tend to take a negative approach towards life and experience unwanted emotions, such as feeling unloved, feeling useless, and letting others down. If matters get worse, one questions the purpose of life and in extreme situations, contemplates suicide.

Failure in Life


The good news is that there are solutions and effective approaches to escape the need to descend into a downward, depressive spiral.

How to overcome failure:

  • From one perspective, recognize that having setbacks or failure is a good thing – without trying, you will never succeed. If you do not have failure in life, then you will not appreciate being successful. Too much of one thing (positive or negative) inevitably leads to complacency and apathy and will not grow as an individual.
  • Assert a positive mentality even under extremely difficult times.
  • Learn from your mistakes and move forward.
  • Do not dwell on what went wrong and feel sorry for yourself. Instead, take a positive step and look for solutions.
  • Remember that no situation will last forever – after the night (hard times), the day (good times) always follows.
  • Remember the past. You have encountered similar or even worse situations and you overcame those.
  • You become what you sow – if you keep thinking ‘I can, and I will’ then after a while, things will subtly change and take an upward turn. Similarly, if you keep saying, ‘I am a failure or a waste of time,’ then that will reflect in your thoughts and conduct and influence those around you. It is like when you shout into a well, ‘I am ineffective’ the well will shout back several times ‘I am ineffective, I am ineffective…’ Similarly, you can say, “I can do it, I have the ability/skills within me”. Just repeat this several times in opposition to negative thoughts.
  • Remain sincere to your goal and work towards it wholeheartedly.

Understanding Success and Failure

View success and failure as a positive aspect of life, as they equally contribute to healthy development and growth.

Remember, both situations will come and go in life:

  • Success teaches us that hard work and an optimistic attitude produces positive, rewarding results.
  • Failure teaches us that unpleasant circumstances have the power to transform all our weaknesses and negativity into strength and positivity.

Therefore, both influence our lives in a constructive way.

Under no circumstances should you give in to taking your own life. Instead, turn the situation around and fight off any thoughts associated with suicide. Win over this challenging period in your life and go from failure to success with optimism and enthusiasm.

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