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Learn How to Heal a Broken Heart and Prevent Suicide after Breakup

Having your heart broken is extremely painful. It feels like your world has been turned upside-down and you find yourself going through a range of emotions, from shock to depression. You wonder whether you will ever overcome the sadness. Eventually you may reach the point of having suicidal thoughts.

While it is perfectly normal to experience some negative thoughts during such a difficult period, thoughts about suicide after breakup should be removed immediately.

suicide prevention

Understand that:

  • Time is the ultimate healer and you will eventually move on.
  • The relationship is over. It is best to accept this fact.
  • It is neither your fault nor your ex-partner's fault. Instead, view this as a consequence of your karma. No one is at fault.

Here’s how to heal a broken heart and deal with the feeling of extreme depression in order to overcome suicidal thinking:

  • Keep busy and active – do not keep the mind idle, occupy the mind with activities that will challenge it.
  • Live in the moment and do not look for what will happen in the future as it is unknown and in the hands of nature. The past has already happened.
  • Appreciate your family members and close friends you have in your life currently, draw strength from them.
  • Talk to others. Explain how you are feeling – the power of conversing is a very powerful tool.

These are a few things you can incorporate into your life and which will help you. You will begin to see and feel subtle changes taking place internally.

Importance of a Human life

A human life is a gift, so treasure it, do not squander it over worldly suffering. Be strong, you have acquired a human life after wandering through infinite another life form. It is only through a human form that one can be released from the countless cycles of life and death. Along with all the misery and suffering the world has to offer.

The goal of human life should be to acquire their Pure Soul (shuddha Atma) thereby achieving liberation (moksha). Moksha is to experience freedom from all mental, physical and external problems by remaining in your real form of the Soul (Atma) experiencing internal bliss amidst all the suffering of the world.

Karmas are the reason why we have acquired a body, it is in all other forms of life when you dissipate the karmas but it is only in the human form that you binds karmas as well as dispels them. Thereby become free from charging any types of karmas good or bad and crucially become liberated.

Liberation can only be achieved through a fully an enlightened being (Gnani), as He has already attained the pure Soul and is gifted to do the same for others. An enlightened being is a highly elevated Soul, their sole purpose in life is to free everyone from the suffering of the world, and that they experience the same bliss of the pure Self. So, do not give up on life and contemplate suicide after breakup, it is better to accept what has happened to you and look for solutions to overcome the feeling of grief and figure out how to get over heartbreak.

Look for love which is unconditional, whole and the type which will do not cause you any heartache.

‘That which increases one moment and decreases the next is not love:
That which resides in the heart and remains the same is real love.’

This sort of love can only be found in a Gnani, it never increases or decreases – it is always constant regardless if you kind or rude towards them. Only a Gnani has this kind of love for each and every being in this whole world - this love is of the Absolute Self.

In contrast, the type of love which exists for human beings is full of infatuations and attractions therefore it rises and falls depending on the people they have in their life and unfolding of circumstances. You will realise this right away when someone you love says something hurtful to you.

Therefore, look for a Gnani to release you from your present predicament He will bestow the ultimate gift of the Self (Atma) on you, thereby, freeing you from your suffering.

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