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My loved one died. I am alone and I don’t want to live anymore. Is loneliness suicide a solution?

Coping with the loss of a loved one can prove to be one of the toughest challenges that you have to face. When you lose a spouse or anyone that you were very close to, your grief can be very intense. Even though you know that the loss is part of the natural cycle of life, you may still be overcome by shock and confusion, leading to prolonged periods of sadness or depression. If the feeling of extreme depression is not controlled or managed, then you can lose control of your emotions and can even decide to commit loneliness suicide.

Therefore, it is very important to not be consumed with thoughts of sadness and depression.  Search for solutions that can help alleviate your present suffering.

losing a loved one

How to Cope after Losing a Loved One with Positive and Correct Understanding:

  • The underlying science explains that when you grieve for your loved ones, your unhappiness reaches them wherever they are and they experience your pain. Instead, send positive vibrations such as, ‘May you be liberated by attaining the Self (Atma) and be freed from the cycle of birth and death.’ This will make a tremendous difference for them.
  • You can ask for the strength to be able to cope with your sadness from the God that you believe in. You will receive substantial strength and experience some degree of peace through this process.
  • Search for positive things to live for like helping others or charity work.
  • Occupy your mind. Do not allow your mind to remain idle.
  • Be in the company of positive and supportive people.
  • Be sure to take care of yourself: exercise, eat and sleep well. This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how you forget the simple things. They can profoundly affect your mental and physical well-being.

Above all, giving into suicidal thoughts like, ‘I am alone’ and ‘I don’t want to live’ will not heal your pain, but only prolong it. You will have to endure the suffering in your futures lives, but with a greater degree of severity. Instead, draw strength from your faith and overcome it.

Akram Vignan: Spiritual Insights into Who You Really Are and the Key to the Permanent End of Suffering.

Through the knowledge of the Self (Atma Gnan), you will understand that the Soul never dies, it only changes its body. In fact, the Soul is always in eternal inner bliss. Therefore, suffering is a relative concept and your true Self does not suffer from it. The suffering affects your current body in this particular lifetime. Once you really understand this, all the perceived suffering you experience is contextualised as karmic discharge and you are not affected by it. Instead, you are in a constant state of inner bliss.  

In summary, since time immemorial, humanity has been searching for answers surrounding death. Fortunately, spiritual science provides these answers. The science does not stop there – by virtue of the understanding, you will be equipped with tools that will greatly assist you and your loved ones during times of suffering. Through understanding, you will be able to cope with losing a loved one and be able to move on.

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