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'I lost my job. I am in debt. I want to die.' Get Debt Advice and Prevent Suicide over Debt


It can be deeply troubling when you find yourself without a job, deep in debt and see no end to resolving your present predicament. It is during these tough times that worries, tension and the fear of uncertainty consume you. You convince yourself that there is little hope of surviving this difficult spell. In this state of utter helplessness, you may feel that there is no solution and the only way out is to end your life by committing suicide over debt. That is not true! 

Think about it; will taking your life resolve your present predicament? The short answer is an emphatic NO! It will only exacerbate matters further. Moreover, what about all those that are dependent on you? You believe you will become free, but that is just the start of the unending problems for your loved ones. Not only that; how hurt and sad will they be by your departure? 

Therefore, it is better to deal with the difficulties you have. Do not attempt to handle everything at once. If you try to handle all your problems simultaneously, you will become overwhelmed and things are likely to get out of control. Instead, prioritise and solve one problem at a time. 

It is also important to recognise that worrying will only make matters worse. Worries have never solved anything. In fact, they create more obstacles. 

It is better that you put your energy into implementing these debt advice solutions: 

  • Make every effort to search for a new job. Be flexible when searching for job opportunities and keep an open mind. You may not get your ideal job right away, so until you get back on your feet again, do not be too fussy about what kind of job you will do.
  • Tell people that you are looking for a job. The more you get the word out there, the more likely you are to find a job. Do not feel embarrassed and suffer in silence. You will find people are always happy to help.
  • Ask for help from your family and friends – financially and emotionally!
  • Prepare and practise for job interviews.
  • In the meantime, keep yourself busy and your mind active, otherwise you will find yourself consumed with worries.
  • This will take your mind off your problems and give you some inner peace.
  • Remain positive. When you remain positive, you will certainly get positive results.
  • Remember that things will change, so be patient! 

How to Deal with your Bills and Debts 

  • Prioritize your payments. Make a list of what needs to be paid first and so on… First pay off what is urgent.
  • Review your expenditures. Seriously analyse what is necessary for survive and what you can do without. Where can you cut back?
  • Go for cheaper brands.
  • You may need to delve into your savings.
  • Ask your relatives for a loan and promise to pay them back when your situation changes for the better. 

Above all, keep faith and understand that attempting to take your life and thinking, ‘I want to die’ will not solve any problems. It will only make matters worse! Periods like these are here to challenge you and make you strong. Keep the firm intention to overcome this period with a strong determination and positive drive. 

Never accept thoughts of weakness such as, ‘All is lost, what can I do? There is no hope.’ Instead, focus on thoughts like, ‘Things will get better’ and ‘I can, and I will get through this’. Change your mindset and keep opposing the negative thoughts that come in your mind. 

Also, during this challenging time, do not to put the blame on others, as this will only create obstacles for you. Just remain focused and get through this difficult period. Remain optimistic and things will eventually take a turn for the better.  

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