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How to Stop Suicide?

Traps Are Everywhere, Where is One to Go?

What do you do when there is no solution? You cannot complain or cry about things that have no solutions. This worldly life is mandatory. A person is obligated to carry out his duties even if he does not like the quarrelsome nature of his wife, his brother or his parents; if he is trapped amongst such a crowd, he has no choice but stay. He feels suffocated by this trap, but where can he go? There is a wall all around him and he is trapped within. There is a wall of societal pressure; 'What will people say, if I leave?' There is also a legal wall. If his predicament drives him to commit suicide at Juhu Beach, the policeman will detain him. He may say to the policeman, 'Look here Sir, please let me die in peace.' The policeman will say, 'Sir we cannot let you do that. Suicide is illegal so I will have to arrest you." So they will not let you die and neither will they let you live; that is called worldly life. So just try to live peacefully and rest. Such is this worldly life; everything in it is compulsory and mandatory. They will not let you live and neither will they let you die.

So try to adjust any way that you can and pass the time so that your karmic debts are paid off and cleared. You may have a debt of twenty-five years with someone, fifteen years with another, ten years with another and thirty years with someone else; you have no choice but payoff the debt. Whether you like it or not, you have no choice but live in the same room as that person. You sleep on one side and she sleeps on the other and even if you turn your back to each other, your thoughts are of each other. There is no escape. This indeed is the nature of this world. What is more, it is not only that you do not like her; she too may not like you. So there is no happiness in this world.

A thinking person cannot afford to have conflicts that create worldly bondage. A non-discerning person is not even aware of the trap and the bondage in clashing. If you say something derogatory about a deaf man in his presence, he would be unaffected because he simply cannot hear. In the same way, people are deaf on the inside. This is the ignorance, and that is why they put up with all the quarrels and the conflicts. People look for happiness in the worldly life, how can there ever be happiness in it?

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