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How to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts

At some point, we all must have experienced nagging negative thoughts of suicide, which make us wonder how to deal with suicidal thoughts. These thoughts arise in extremes, when our problems appear insurmountable or when we receive very bad news. They completely destroy our peace of mind.

Suicidal Thoughts


No one desires such suicidal thoughts, but how can we avoid them?

There are many things which can aid and support you during this difficult period:  

1. Understanding the Mind

It is impossible to stop the mind from thinking. It is the function of the mind to inform you of good and bad things. These thoughts were created by you in your past life. They will sprout according to the circumstances that arise. Some of these thoughts may be intense and harmful, like the thought of ending your life. The intensity of each thought depends on your past life.

For instance, if there is someone in your life that you do not like, then every time you think about them or see them, you will automatically feel aversion towards them. However, your intent may be that this is not right. Therefore, you have changed your opinion towards them because you do not agree with the mind. Since your inner intent has changed, the karmic consequences that you will have to endure in your next life will be that much less severe.

2. Adopt a Scientific, Spiritual Approach

  • Understand that your thoughts are from your previous life and have nothing to do with your current state.
  • You can oppose your thoughts by saying ‘I do not agree with you, I don’t want to die’.
  • Recite for ten minutes daily l-AM-FULL-OF-INFINITE-BLISS.
  • Replace your nagging negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Do not become engrossed in your thoughts. See them as separate.

Try the following quick fixes:

  • Do something different for fifteen minutes a day like going for a walk, reading or anything else that brings you joy.
  • Alter your daily routine.
  • Remember that it will not be like this forever.
  • Tell someone you trust how you are feeling. There is tremendous power in expressing your feelings. Your family and friends will be happy to support you.
  • Monitor how your thoughts influence your well-being. You will immediately realize that the negative thoughts have an impact on you!

A Gnani (enlightened One) advises us to know and see the mind, but to never unite with it. Just like when you are watching a movie, you perceive the happy and sad scenes, but when the movie is over, you let go of them. Similarly, the thoughts which enter your mind are like the film. The reason why you have not experienced the separation is that you have not yet discovered the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’

Many people have realized their true Self through the process of Self Realization (Gnan Vidhi). They experience bliss even during tough times, by remaining in the state of the Self and separate from the suffering.

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