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Should I look for justice?

Are you trying to look for justice in this world? Whatever happens, is justice. If someone slaps you, it is justice. When you begin to understand it in this way, you will solve all your problems.

If you do not tell yourself that, 'Whatever happens is justice,' your intellect will become very restless. For infinite lives the intellect has been responsible for creating confusion and conflict. In reality there is never an occasion where one needs to defend himself. As for myself, I never come across an occasion where I need to say anything. The one who lets go in a dispute is the one who wins and the one who keeps tugging, does so at his own risk. How can you tell when the intellect is gone? It is when one stops looking for justice. When you become convinced that 'Whatever happens is justice,' it means that your intellect is gone. What does the intellect do? It keeps looking for justice, and because of this, your worldly life continues.Therefore, do not look for justice.

Is justice something one has to look for? Whatever happens is correct - this should be the spontaneous acceptance because nothing happens outside of 'Vyavasthit.' 

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