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How to collect money owed to me?

The intellect creates a storm and spoils everything. What is intellect? It is that which seeks justice.When someone does not pay for the goods you sold him, your intellect will nag you repeatedly. Why does he not pay, when he has already received the goods? This 'why not' is the function of the intellect. When injustice is committed (according to the view of the world), it is in fact justice. You should still attempt to collect what is owed to you. Just calmly tell the person that you need the money because you are in difficulty. There is no need to become hostile and make demands such as, "I'll see to it that you pay up", otherwise you will have to look for a lawyer and all your time will be wasted in courts instead of coming here to satsang. If you say 'whatever happens is justice', the intellect will go away.

You should have a firm conviction that whatever happens is justice. This firm conviction will keep you sane and you will not feel angry and antagonistic towards the other person, nor will you become frustrated. However, having said this, in the worldly life, you should still attempt to collect your money. When you go to collect your money, you should play your role to the fullest, as if you are in a play. You should tell your debtor pleasantly that you had come by several times but unfortunately you were not able to meet him, and that now perhaps because of yours or his punya you both are able to meet. Tell him that at the moment you are in some financial difficulties and that you need the money and if he is not able to pay you, that he should arrange to have someone else give you the money. Speak in such an appealing way that you can get your work done. People have egos, so if you lift their ego gently, they will do anything for you. You should not get into a conflict or feel any attachment or aversion in this matter. Even if you fail to collect your money, after a hundred trips to your debtor, remind yourself that it is of no consequence and that whatever has happened is justice. After all, you are not the only person who has to collect his money.

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