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What is the nature of nature's justice?

Nature is always just. Not even for a fraction of a moment has it been unjust. Justice that prevails in law courts may be unjust at times, but nature's justice is always exact.What is the nature of nature's justice? In nature's justice, if an honest person, who has never before committed a crime,were to steal today, he would be caught immediately. If a corrupt person commits a crime, nature would spare him and he would go free.

Nature wants to protect the purity of a good person and therefore it will never support him in any of his wrong doings. Nature will however, continue to aid and abet the wrong doer and ultimately crush him to such a point that he will never rise up again. Nature has always carried out justice. It has never, even for an instant,been unjust.

If you accept nature's justice and understand that,'Whatever has happened is justice'; you will attain liberation.If you question nature's justice, you will invite puzzles and suffering. To believe that nature is always just is called Gnan(true Knowledge). To understand things 'as they are', is Gnan itself and not to understand things 'as they are' is ignorance.

When one man sets another man's house on fire, people will regard it as injustice, but in reality it is justice. If the victim accuses and condemns the person responsible for the crime, it will be the victim who will suffer the consequences of injustice because he is accusing justice of being unjust.

One man burns the home of another person.At this time someone asks God, 'This man has just burnt this home. Is this justice or injustice?' The Lord's answer is, 'It is justice. The burning of the home is the justice.' Now the victim reacts with violence. This injustice on his part invites further justice from nature, because he calls justice as injustice.Whatever has happened is justice.

Do not look for justice in this world. Wars, conflicts and dissension in the world are a result of people's pursuit of justice. The world is entirely in the form of justice. It is futile to look for your own justice in it. Everything that has happened and everything that is happening is justice itself. People in their search for justice have established laws and courts, but they are foolish to assume that justice is found in them.One should simply observe what happens. That is justice.

Justice of the world and justice of nature are different.Justice and injustice are the effects of the accounts from our previous life, but people attempt to link their idea of justice with the account and in so doing, they end up in the courts and exhaust themselves. If you insult someone and they in anger insult you back several times, you may consider it unjust,but you should regard it as a settlement of your past account.

If you had lent money to a friend's father, would you not try to recover it from your friend when the opportunity arises? Your friend might think it unfair, but this is how nature's justice operates. Nature brings all the evidences together in order to settle a past account.

If a woman keeps antagonizing her husband, even then it is nature's justice. The woman herself is bad, but she thinks that it is her husband who is bad. Nevertheless, the entire situation is nature's justice.

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