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Who is responsible for my life ?

Everything is your own projection. Why do you blame others?

Questioner : It is the repercussion of our own deeds.

Dadashri: You cannot call it repercussion. It is all your projection. If you call it repercussion, then the action and reaction will be equal and opposite. I am just giving you an example, a simile. It is only your own projection. No one else has a hand in it, so you should be cautious and understand that the entire responsibility lies on your shoulders. Having understood this responsibility, what kind of conduct should you have at home?

Questioner : We should act properly.

Dadashri : Yes, one should understand his responsibility. Some people say that by praying to God, one's troubles will go away. What a fallacy! People use God's name to escape their responsibility. The responsibility is yours. You are "Wholely and solely responsible" for your actions. After all, the projection is only yours.

If someone hurts you, you should accept it and credit it to your account. You only need to credit that which you have previously given. Nature's law prevents one person from hurting another without a cause. There has to be causes behind this, so credit whatever comes your way.

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