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How can I get rid of the intellect?

Dadashri: It is not so easy to get rid of the intellect. If you get rid of its causes, only then will its effects disappear. The intellect is an effect. What are its causes? Whatever happens in reality, if we call it justice, then it will disappear. What does this world say? You have to make do with whatever happens in the world. If you keep looking for justice, the conflicts will continue. The intellect cannot disappear easily. The way to get rid of it is to stop feeding its causes so that it withers away.

Questioner: You said that the intellect is an effect and if we find its causes, we should be able to stop it.

Dadashri: The cause of the intellect is our own pursuit of justice. If we stop looking for justice, the intellect will go away. Why do you look for justice?

I asked a girl why she was looking for justice and she replied, "You have no idea what my mother-in-law is like. Since I came into this home, she has given me nothing but grief. What have I done wrong?" I told her that no one harasses anyone without knowing them and that it must be because of her unsettled accounts. She said, 'I had never seen her face before.' I told her, 'You may not have seen her in this life, but do you know the accounts of your past life with her?' Whatever is happening with her is justice.

Does your son intimidate you at home? That intimidation is justice itself. Your intellect will tell you, "How dare he intimidate me? I am his father!" Whatever happens is justice.

What does this Akram Vignan say? Look at this justice.People ask me how I managed to get rid of my intellect. I did not look for justice and so it simply went away. For how long can the intellect remain? As long as we look for justice, it will stay around, because our search for justice supports it.

The intellect will say, "Why are they criticizing me when I did such a great job?" This is the support you are giving your intellect. Are you looking for justice? Whatever was said about you was correct. Why did they not say anything negative until now ? Why were they not saying anything before? And now, on what basis are they telling you so? When you think about it, do you not feel that whatever he is saying is correct? Even when he refuses to give you a pay raise, it is justice. How can you call it injustice ?

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