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Why someone's hard earned money gets stolen ?

People ask me, why are there thieves and pickpockets in this world? Why has God granted them birth? I tell them that without them, who would empty their pockets? Should God Himself come to do it? Who would confiscate their illicitly gained money? These poor thieves are merely the nimits and they are necessary.

Questioner: Someone's hard earned money gets stolen too.

Dadashri: The hard earned money is of this life, but there is also the account of the past life. He has pending accounts. Without such accounts nothing can be taken away from him. No one has the power to take anything away, and if anything is taken away, it is because of previous accounts. No such person is born in this world that is able to do any harm to anyone. The nature is regulating this precisely. If you were in a snake pit, not even a single snake would touch you unless you had a previous account. This world is full of accounts. The world is beautiful and it is just. People do not understand it.

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