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Why people hurt us?

Our relentless search for justice has exhausted us. A person always asks what he did do to deserve such bad treatment from others.

Questioner:It happens that way. Why are people belligerent towards us even though we have not said or done anything to them?

Dadashri: Yes. That is precisely why these courts,lawyers and others thrive. How would the courts manage to run otherwise? Lawyers would not have any clients. Just look at how fortunate these lawyers are to have their clients come and deliver them fees. They charge for everything, even for an advice or conversation on the telephone. Are they not enjoying their punya? Everything will turn out fine as long as you do not seek justice. Looking for justice invites problems.

Questioner: But Dada, the times are such that even when we try to do good for people, they hurt us in return.

Dadashri: Doing good for someone and then being taken advantage of, is justice. Just do not say anything to them.If you say anything you will be considered insensible.

Questioner: Even if we are absolutely straightforward in our dealings with someone, he still hurts us.

Dadashri: The fact that they hurt you is justice too.

Questioner: They always criticize me in everything I do. They even criticize the way I dress.

Dadashri: That is precisely what I call justice. When you look for justice in such situations, you suffer and pay the price. So do not look for justice. I have discovered this simple and plain fact. It is in the pursuit for justice that people have been scarred. Even after seeking justice, the results remain the same. Why not accept and understand this from the very beginning?This is all interference of the ego.

Whatever happens is justice. Do not look for justice. If your father criticizes you, it is justice. Do not demand an explanation as to why he criticized you. I am speaking from experience. Ultimately you will have to accept this justice.What is wrong in accepting your father's criticism? Accept whatever happens as justice in your mind, but do not express it to your father because he may take advantage of it.

From now on do not use your intellect. Accept the justice, whatever happens. People will otherwise question even the most trivial things.

If you offer someone some food and later on he gets angry with you for feeding him and wasting his time, even that is justice.

When either spouse in a home manages to be free from the effects of the intellect, things will run smoothly for them. If their intellect overpowers them, they would not be able to enjoy even their meals.

It is justice, when a drought occurs. During a drought, a farmer will complain about God's injustice. He does this out of ignorance. Will his complaints bring rain? The fact that there is no rain is justice. It rains heavily in certain areas while others experience drought. Nature keeps everything Vyavasthit. It is impartial. Nature dispenses justice impartially.

All these things are based on nature's principles. This is the only rule that will eliminate your intellect. If you accept that whatever happens is just, then your intellect will dissolve. What sustains the intellect? Looking for justice sustains the intellect. If you do not give it support, it will come to know that it has been discovered and that it is not worthwhile for it to stay around.

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