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How to resolve inheritance and will dispute ?

Upon the death of their father, four sons have a dispute over the inheritance of some land. The property at first lands in the hands of the eldest son, who refuses to share it with his brothers. The land was to be divided equally between the four of them with each receiving fifty acres. Instead, one received twenty-five acres, one took fifty acres, one took forty acres and one received only five.

How is one to understand this? The worldly justice will proclaim the eldest brother a shameless rogue and a cheat. But nature's justice says that what has happened is correct. Each of them received exactly the amount they were destined to. The difference between what they actually received and what they were meant to receive according to their father's instructions, has paid off their pending accounts from their past life.

If you do not want to cause a dispute, you must act according to the way of nature, otherwise you will find that the whole world is one big conflict. Do not look for justice.Justice is what happens. Justice is only there so that you can see whether any deep inner change has occurred within you.If I encounter justice in the world, then one thing is decided,that I am just. Justice is my thermometer. Man becomes perfect and absolute when he becomes one with justice, and he sees everything as just. Until then he is either above or below normality.

Referring to the previous example, people will tend to side with and seek justice for the son who received only five acres of land, while discrediting the eldest brother. This is wrong and represents a fault. People live this worldly life in an illusion. This illusion distorts their perception of real nature of things. They believe that the worldly life is real. When one believes this worldly life to be real, he suffers. Nature's justice is flawless.

I would not interfere in such situations. I would not tell anyone what he or she should or should not do. Otherwise I would not be called Vitaraag (without attachment). I simply observe what and how previous accounts are unfolding.

When people ask me to dispense justice, I tell them that my justice is different from the justice of the world. My justice is nature's justice. This justice is the 'regulator' of the world, and it keeps the world in regulation. In nature's justice,there is no injustice, even for a moment. Why do people perceive injustice and look for their own justice? It is because they do not know that whatever they encounter is justice only.Think, dear man, why he did not give you just two acres instead of the five acres? What he has given you is just. All that we come across is our own account from our past life.Justice is the thermometer. From this thermometer we can see that it is because we were unjust in our past life, that we encounter injustice in this life. So the thermometer itself is not to beblamed. Is this helpful to you?

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