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What is justice?

A man is waiting for a bus on the correct side on a road. A bus comes around on the wrong side of the road and runs over him. From what perspective can you call this justice?

Questioner: People will say that the driver of the bus was responsible for the man's death.

Dadashri: Yes, because he came from the wrong side of the road and killed him. Even if he were driving on the right side of the road, it would still be considered a violation. Essentially, he is guilty of two violations, but nature proclaims it to be correct. People protest in vain. It is the previous account that has been settled, but people do not understand that. People waste their precious time of life and money by seeking justice through the lawyers and courts. In the process even the lawyers treat them badly. People take so much abuse.They should, instead understand nature's justice; the justice as explained by Dada. That way they can quickly solve their problems.

There is nothing wrong with taking a matter to court and carrying on with the legal proceedings, but do not harbor any hostility towards the defendant or the plaintiff. Have goodness in your heart for him throughout.

Questioner: Such people often deceive and betray us.

Dadashri: No one can touch you. The law of nature is such that if you are pure, no one can harm you. So destroy your mistakes.

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