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The Essence of All Religion : 9 Kalam for Spiritual Development

I told one gentleman that these nine kalams comprise everything. Nothing has been left out. I told him that he should  read them everyday to which he said, "It cannot be done." So I told him, "I am not telling you to do anything. Why are you saying it cannot be done? All you have to do is say, 'Hey Dada Bhagwan, give me strength…' I am telling you to ask for strength." He then replied, "Oh, then it will be easy." Everyone else tells you to do certain things to improve your behavior.


He then asked, who would give him the strength, so I told him I would. I am ready to give you all the strengths you ask for. But I am teaching you what to ask for because you do not know what to ask for.

He accepted that. I told him, "You don't have to do anything at all. Instead enjoy your meals, you can even have second helpings, but ask for the strength." He told me that he really liked what he was hearing.

Questioner: Initially one doubts whether or not he will get the strength by just asking.

Dadashri: These doubts will prove to be wrong. Asking for the strength will certainly bring strength. Thereafter, the strength itself will carry on the work. You will not have to do anything. If you attempt to do anything your ego will arise and cause impediments in your spiritual progress. You will say, "I am trying my best but it is not happening." So just ask for strength.

Questioner:  In these nine  kalams, when we ask for strength not to, nor cause or encourage anyone else to…, does that mean that we are asking for strength so that it would not happen in the future or is it to wash off our past deeds?

Dadashri:  The past deeds are washed away and the strength has manifested. The inner energies are already there but they have to manifest. That is why we ask for Dada Bhagwan's krupa (blessings, grace) to wash off these previous  misdeeds. These energies will manifest when this cleansing occurs.

Questioner: This is phenomenal and great, Dada. It is guaranteed to improve the life of anyone who reads it.

Dadashri: Yes. Until now he had never found anything that was worth understanding. This is the first time that he is getting something that he can clearly understand. Once a person uses these nine kalams, he will find all the solutions.

It does not matter how many of these nine kalams you are able to follow. Do not let it bother you if you cannot follow any of them. All you have to do is to ask for strength, and that strength will accumulate within you. Then the work will get done automatically. When you ask for strength, all the nine kalams will be set up. It is enough even if you just say them. Once you ask for the strength, the strength will be granted to you.

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