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How to avoid dislike and contempt?

Avoid Dislike And Contempt

Questioner: "Hae Dada Bhagwan! Mane koi pan dehdhari jivatma pratye, kinchit matra pan abhaav, tiraskar, kyaareya pan na karaaya, na karavaaya, ke karta pratye na anomodai evi param shakti aapo".

"Dearest Dada Bhagwan! Give me the infinite inner strength not to, nor cause or encourage anyone to dislike or hate any living being, even to the slightest extent."

Dadashri: Yes, that is true. When you are sitting in your office and someone walks in, you may feel abhaav (a sense of dislike) or tiraskaar (contempt) for that person. Later you should think about it and feel regret that it should not be this way.

One can never be free as long as he has any kind of contempt. Contempt towards anyone results in that person harboring revenge towards you. Even if you have tiraskaar towards an inanimate object, you will not be free. The slightest contempt for anyone is harmful. As long as you have tiraskar for anyone, you cannot become a vitaraag (state where one is beyond all attachment and aversion).

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