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How to lead someone to the path of Self Realization?

"Dearest Dada Bhagwan! Give me the infinite inner strength to become an instrument for the world in the path of Self-Realization."

Salvation Of The World

Questioner: How does this bhaavna for the salvation of the world work?

Dadashri: The words that you utter will be such that the other person's work will be done.

Questioner: Are you talking about relative, material benefits or real benefits that lead to liberation?

Dadashri:  No, not for the body. We should only be concerned about that which takes us towards Self Realization. Thereafter, with the aid of the Real, progress will be made in the relative realm. You have to develop a bhaavna for doing jagat kalyan (salvation of the world). You should not say it just for the sake of saying it. You have to have the bhaavna. People just merely say these words as if they are reciting slokas (holy chants).

Questioner: Instead of sitting idle, wouldn't it be highly beneficial to do these bhaavnas?

Dadashri: That would be very good. At least all the negative bhaavs  are destroyed. A lot of good comes out of this.

Questioner: Can you call that bhaavna, a 'mechanical bhaavna'?

Dadashri: No. How can you call it mechanical? It is mechanical when one keeps on repeating it like a parrot, without awareness.

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