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How to be free from sexual impulses and sexual desires?

Questioner: “Hae Dada Bhagwan! Mane koi pan deh-dhaari jivatma pratye streeh, purush, agar napunsak, gumeh te lingdhari hoi, toh tenah sambandhi kinchit matra pan vishay-vikaar sambandhi dosho, icchao, chestao ke vichaar sambandhi dosho na karai, na karavai, ke karta pratye na anumodai evi param shakti aapo.

Mane nirantar nirvikar rehvani param shakti aapo.”

Free From Sexual Desires

"Dearest Dada Bhagwan! Give me the infinite inner strength not to have, nor cause or encourage anyone else to have any sexual desires, feelings, or gestures towards any living being, be it a male, a female or of neutral gender. Give me the supreme strength to be free of sexual desires, forever."

Dadashri:  As soon as you see someone who incites passion and lust in you, you have to tell yourself, "This is not right. You are a man of noble qualities, and therefore it does not befit you. Just as you have a sister, she is also someone's sister." If someone saw your sister with lust, it would hurt you. Similarly it will hurt someone else.' As soon as you are tempted, you should repent.

Questioner: What does 'chesta' mean?

Dadashri: All visible bodily activities, (including photographs) is chesta, (e.g. laughing, flirting, touching, and winking).

Questioner:  So when you joke about someone and make fun of him, would that be considered chesta?

Dadashri: There are many different kinds of chestas.

Questioner: What are the chestas related to sex?

Dadashri: All activities of the body that pertain to things of a sexual nature, that can be seen or photographed, are chestas. Sexual desires and thoughts are not chesta. There are times when thoughts occur and the chestas do not occur. Vichaar sambhandhi dosho are thoughts related to sex. These are faults.

"Mane nirantar nirvikar rehvani shakti aapo," ("Give me the strength to remain free from all sexual impulses forever"), this is all you have to ask from 'Dada'. 'Dada' is the  ultimate giver of blessings and grace.

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